Monday, 19 November 2012

Boracay Day 3

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As i am currently on leave, i decide to be abit more diligent & blog about boracay day 3.

We headed back to Lemon Cafe for our breakfast since we quite enjoyed the food there. I had the prawns omelette (yums) while the boy had the pancake.

First activity of the day - atv ride!

We rode to this bird park where i saw many beautiful caged birds.

We also went to the highest point in boracay but alas it was raining! The best time to visit the island is in mar- may when it is less rainy,

After we got off the atv ride, we got persuaded into trying the zorb. Boy it was fun! Basically u r placed in a huge ball & u r rolled off the slopes. Good luck!

The kind guide took many pics of the rolling ball while we were screaming our heads off in the ball.

I had cold feet at our next activity- parasailing. I tried it in bali & phuket but i swear those times i didnt fly as high, nor were it as windy as this round. This is the highlight of the day!

We rewarded ourselves with a good meal at D'talipapa after the "harrowing" experience. There's a wet market at D'talipapa selling fresh & live seafood (cheap too!), after u have made your purchases, u can walk over to any of the nearby restaurants to get them to cook the seafood for you.

Here's our lunch for the 3rd day!

The oysters weren't fantastic but we were quite happy with the chili crab & garlic prawns.

In fact we were so happy that we went back again for dinner.

That's the boy haggling with the lobster seller.

I was disappointed with the lobster! Too dry maybe?

We made some small talk with the couple seated next to us, a pair of american filipino. Actually, that's what i enjoy bout travelling, having the opportunity to interact with ppl from diverse backgrounds. Hope i will get more of that in my future travels!

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