Sunday, 15 April 2012

Bikram Yoga

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Recently I bought groupon vouchers for $25 which entitled me access to 4 classes @ Bikram Yoga Harbourfront. Yoga is my new craze and I am certainly enjoying my Bikram classes.

Bikram is not only a form of yoga but it is also the name of a yoga guru who came up with the 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. Each class is 90 mins and it is conducted in a 41 degree celcius room. Yes! 41 degrees! its is that hot! Usually by the 5th min, I am sweating like a pig and this is what I enjoy the most since I am detoxifying by sweating it out.

I found a picture of the 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises above. Each pose is done twice and of cuz my poses are nowhere as nice as the above. :/ But Yoga is not always about getting to the position, as long as you r concentrating and mindful of your breathing and stretching, it's considered an accomplishment as well. It is said to improve posture, detoxify, lose/maintain weight and many atheletics practised yoga to prevent sports injuries.  There also also mental health benefits as yoga improves your concentration and will power. yes, i so need to improve my will power.

Personally I like the heated environment, this is prolly my fav part of bikram yoga and what sets it apart from other forms of yoga. Furthermore the heat helped me stretched better and I love sweating it out! Some people have commented that the 26 standard poses are boring as they prefer variety in their classes. However, I find it more disciplined by having standard poses and i can work to improve the poses each time I go for the class.

The instructors at Bikram Yoga Harbourfront are mainly caucasians and they r such a frenly and energetic grp. For Bikram Yoga, the instructors usually stand on a podium in front of the class to give out instructions, so I find it v important that the instructors are clear and engaging. And this is the feel I have gotten so far from the instructors. so thumbs up to them!

As for the changing room, it is abit small with only 2 hair dryers. It's not a major problem as each class is usually quite small so there aren't too many ladies fighting for the hair dryers. The size of the changing room is compensated by the use of organic & great smelling shampoo & fluffy towels!

The main downside of Bikram Yoga will be the pricing as Bikram Yoga usually doesn't come cheap. Much as I like it, doubt I will be signing up with them as I am already a member of True Fitness & True Yoga.

Guess I will be sleeping well tonight after the intense 90 mins class today.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Good Friday Weekend Food- Hits & Misses

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Had so much good food this long weekend. But compensated it by going for 2 sessions of yoga- 1 hot and 1 bikram. I recently bought a voucher to Bikram Yoga @ Harbourfront thru groupon and I quite like the classes so far. Still not as flexible as I will like to be but I enjoy the concentration given to the each pose for that 90 mins. More on that later!

On a side note, I finally received the package from TE..wheee, super love this! into animal prints these days!

Now off to the food!

Visted Jcube with mummy and I must say I am pretty put off by the crowd. It's soooo crowded and all the dinner Qs were super long. However, I am happy to see Laneige and Itacho Sushi! We finally settled for this Italian restaurant (the q was the shortest) which was not really ready for business yet. 1) It only accepted cash as payment 2) 50% of the menu was not available. In the end I settled for the crab meat pasta which is so so. The redeeming point will be the good & prompt customer service.

I found a korean restaurant which i really love- Togi Korean Restaurant. All thanks to Juliana for introducing this Korean eatery @ Mosque Street. We ordered the Kimchi Steamboat to share and this dish really satisfied the kimchi fans in us. Non Kimchi lovers may find the broth abit thick but its perfect for me. Will be bringing the boy along the next time as he is a kimchi lover like me. The slices of pork in the steamboat were really yummy as well. Gotta have it again!

On Sat, the boy and I decided to stay at home, I watched The Iron Lady which he has helped to download while he watched soccer and did some work (slaps forehead). The boy's mum cooked a good dinner for us and we ordered the parma ham with rock melon from Etna Italian Restaurant to top up the meal. It was a tad disappointing as the rock melon was abit hard and the smell of the ham was too strong. It looks good but didn't really live up to my expectations. However, it was really chillax to enjoy a glass of white wine with good home movie. =)

Dad bought crabs! Crabs are always good, I am biased.

The weekend started off really well with dinner @ Ah Loy Thai with Lynda. This is one of my fav thai food besides basil inn. Authentic and it nv disappoints! do go early as there is usually a q by 630pm.
 We ordered the basil chicken this time and we both agreed that we prefer the basil pork as it is slightly more fragrant. Not in pic- we had the mango salad as well which is good as well.

 We whacked the food clean. Trust me, we 2 aren't v big size ladies.

To end this entry, I just want to shoutout that I am missing the following...
 @ Redang
 The Princess!

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