Saturday, 8 December 2012

Bangkok day 2

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Woke up feeling happy cuz of the nice hotel & because i am going to my fav shopping mall in bangkok - the platinum mall. It is a shopaholic's heaven!

Second day's lunch was at Once Upon a Time, which is just opposite platinum mall - 32 Soi Petchaburi 17, Pratunam. Saw some good reviews online but we were rather disappointed with the food :(

Deco was pretty cool though

We were the first customer for lunch & in fact they turned on the air con & lights specially for us.

We ordered the tom yam soup, omelette, basil pork & phad thai to share. Sadly none of these left a deep impression on us!

The money box was quite pretty though!

Shopped the afternoon away & i bought a total of 8 tops, 2 dresses, 1 jacket, 1 shorts & 1 skirt before pulling myself away from platinum mall.

Excitedly changed into my new clothes in the hotel & the boy was so kind to help me take pictures of them haha

Made our way to silom night market & just opposite it, i had the nicest ever wanton mee!!

It was from a random roadside stall but i have nv tasted wanton mee that tasted so good. Btw i had frens who expressed surprise that i ate from roadside stall. I m not so gu niang can.

The portion was so small so we continued to hunt ard for more food. Chanced upon grilled fish from a seafood restaurant. Won't say it is fantastic but think it is quite value for money.

And i must say the boy is so sweet!! He removed all the fish bones for me. Lets see him in action :)

Tada! The end result!


Walked around the night market & bought some dresses for princess emily! So happy that i will be seeing her tmr :D

Got back to our hotel area & went for 1hr foot massage that costs only 200thb. So shiok!!

Ok gg to bed now, will continue with day 3 to blog more :)

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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Bangkok Day 1

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This was quite a last minute trip for us & I am so glad we took it! Did lots of shopping & ate tonnes of food. The hotel which the boy booked for us was splendid! Love it so much! More on that later.

We arrived at bangkok at about 11am and we took the train from the airport to phaya thai station. After that, we hailed a cab to our hotel - muse hotel bangkok which is at lang suan area.

Our beautiful hotel is none other than the boutique hotel - Muse bangkok.

Our welcome drinks upon arrival- tasted so good & refreshing!

While the boy was checking in, i took pics ard the recep area :)

Our room - they thought we were on our honeymoon n has prepared a pair of swans for us lol

The spacious room with the see through toilet. Of cuz u can draw the curtains down for ur privacy!

The boy having some thoughts hmm

I like the toilet! Missing the hotel so much now!

Isn't the sink pretty??

After freshening up, we headed out for lunch. Our first stop was Som Tam at Siam. When we were asking for directions to the restaurant, 1 man guessed that we were going to som tam just by hearing the road name. I guess this is how popular it is.

There was a crazy crowd when we reached but thankfully the q moved quite fast.

Som tam sells food hailing from the north eastern region of thailand & it is located at 392/14 Soi Siam Sq 5.

We ordered the papaya salad, this spicy pork (very, very fiery) soup & fried chicken. Pls order these if u r there, you wont regret. I was nv a fan of fried chicken but the ones at som tam won me over. And the boy's verdict? Som tam is the best food he had in bangkok! Enough said.

But be beware of the fiery chillies they used in the food. We finished 3 glasses of ice lemon tea when we were there.

We spent the rest of the day shopping at Siam paragon, central world n visited Erawan Shrine. The boy got some of his clothes from Uniqlo central world while i got my lingerie from Iseran central world. While i was choosing my lingerie, the boy parked himself on the sofa at the department store & fell asleep! Lol!!

Dinner was at T&K seafood at chinatown. The food is cheap & good.

The morning glory is one of my fav dish as the vege is so fresh & tasty.

Be sure to order the grilled prawns too, it's only 100 baht!

Another of my fav- the prawn vermicelli, the vermicelli is soooo delicious. Thumbsups!

Other dishes we ordered. Somehow, i haven had a v spicy tom yam goon yet :/

N since we were in chinatown, we stocked up on food to bring home!

And of cuz we gotta have the sharksfins soup & birdnest ya?

Had a lousy experience at Nam Sing bird nest shop :(

Firstly the took real long to take our orders. And we didnt manage to get their attention despite much waving at them. The boy had to walk up to the counter to order it himself.

Next i found feathers in my birdnest. How gross?!?!

Finally the last straw, when i asked for cold birdnest, they gave me a bowl of warm birdnest & a cup of ice. Seriously?!?!

This sums up our first day in bkk. Will blog bout day 2 .. Soon!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Boracay Day 3

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As i am currently on leave, i decide to be abit more diligent & blog about boracay day 3.

We headed back to Lemon Cafe for our breakfast since we quite enjoyed the food there. I had the prawns omelette (yums) while the boy had the pancake.

First activity of the day - atv ride!

We rode to this bird park where i saw many beautiful caged birds.

We also went to the highest point in boracay but alas it was raining! The best time to visit the island is in mar- may when it is less rainy,

After we got off the atv ride, we got persuaded into trying the zorb. Boy it was fun! Basically u r placed in a huge ball & u r rolled off the slopes. Good luck!

The kind guide took many pics of the rolling ball while we were screaming our heads off in the ball.

I had cold feet at our next activity- parasailing. I tried it in bali & phuket but i swear those times i didnt fly as high, nor were it as windy as this round. This is the highlight of the day!

We rewarded ourselves with a good meal at D'talipapa after the "harrowing" experience. There's a wet market at D'talipapa selling fresh & live seafood (cheap too!), after u have made your purchases, u can walk over to any of the nearby restaurants to get them to cook the seafood for you.

Here's our lunch for the 3rd day!

The oysters weren't fantastic but we were quite happy with the chili crab & garlic prawns.

In fact we were so happy that we went back again for dinner.

That's the boy haggling with the lobster seller.

I was disappointed with the lobster! Too dry maybe?

We made some small talk with the couple seated next to us, a pair of american filipino. Actually, that's what i enjoy bout travelling, having the opportunity to interact with ppl from diverse backgrounds. Hope i will get more of that in my future travels!

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