Thursday, 29 December 2011

Sexy look black head pore cleanser set

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I have a hate hate relationship with the blackheads on my nose. They are mushrooming every min and extracting these blackheads cause me so much pain during my monthly facial treatment.

Hence when I read so many good reviews about Sophie Monk byebye black heads set, i v much wanted to get my hands on it.

After visiting the dentist, i went to watson to grab a set home too. Was a grab and go thing as i was rushing home for dinner. When i reached home, i realised i have bought the wrong brand! Slaps forehead*

This is what I came home with.
Anybody knows whose the copycat here or are they the same?

Anyway since i have bought it, i must try it. In fact this is v similar to the sophie monk set.

Step 1: Deep sebum softener, this is to soften your blackheads n prep your skin for the mask in step 2.

Step 2: Sebum purifying mask, apply a thick layer on your prob area and leave on the mask for 20-30 mins. Gently peel the mask upwards when you r done!

Step 3: Pore treatment essence, for you to close the pores haha

And so i waited...

20 mins later, i peeled off the mask...

Beware of obscene pics ahead!

A close up view, this is really gross ok..

But what a great satisfaction to see the yellow thingy on the mask. Yay blackheads gone! Feels less congested on my nose and i cant help but stare at the blackheads haha

However, the mask did nothing much for the white heads on my chin. I guess this can be used 2x a week as maintenance but for more serious blackheads problems, monthly facial treatment is still required.

Gg to zzz... Zipping to krabi tmr!

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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Xmas 2011

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Had so much good food & catching up the last couple of days. Started out with the yearly steamboat affair with the girlies, followed by korean BBQ with juju on a rainy fri night, whipped out our own dishes on the eve (which I am quite satisfied tee hee). More good food to come when we visited a fren's new home on xmas day itself, and ended with a grand finale at MBS' Todai. Also managed to bring my parents for a movie @ Cathay Platinum Suite!

Let's take a peek at the wonderful gifts I have received this year.

Hello Kitty Cover for iphone 4s

Have been looking ard for a bohemien style earring for some time!
Room Diffuser, besides looking pretty, it smells great as well!

This is a total surprise! Thanks dude



Entitled to discounts @ Starbucks if I bring this along =)

This is my fav present for this year =)

Bag Charm added...heh


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