Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Mekhala Black Rice Shampoo & Conditioner

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A while ago, I received the Mekhala Black Rice Shampoo & Conditioner in the Feb Vanity Trove Pack. I have given it a try!

My hair concern is that my tresses have became v dry with the colouring that I did in early Jan. Furthermore, I find my hair dropping quite a lot recently, which is def a concern- reads thinning hair..*gasps! Some chemical shampoo r good at making your hair smooth but at the same time they make your hair thin faster too. Hence I was rather relieved that the Mekhala Black Rice Shampoo is au natural.

So what exactly does it contain? Aloe Vera & Black Rice packed in the shampoo is stated to be full of antioxidents properties as well as vitamin E. It is said to maintain scalp health and promote hair growth. Supposed to improve blood circulation for healthy hair as well. sounds good.

My verdict? Yeah, I experienced lesser hair drop after I used the shampoo. You know after some hair washes, you will find clumps of hairs on your hands? I got none of this when I was rinsing my hair. However, I am not too used to the scent of black rice on my hair as my hair smells like some chinese dessert! lol..

As for the conditioner, sad to say it does nothing to my split ends.

In conclusion, I may consider buying the shampoo which is retailing at $22 for a 250ml but not the conditioner.

Lives of Omission

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Currently watching..

Hooked on this on Funshion..but i hate the dubbing =/

Someone special's bday

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Paper Crafts Garden @ Suntec City is a place for you to buy your handicrafts and get your scrap books ideas. I went for a 1-to-1 class with an experienced designer and it costs me $35 for the 2 hrs lesson. Got some materials & did a card for the boy. Quite happy with the end results :)

Also steal some time (but I got lots of it now) for a manicure with Mabel @ The Nail Status Cottage. Told her I wanted something simple and classic as I have interviewes with banks and she did for me a french manicure. love it and I am now a member with The nail status.

The boy's mum also invited me for her bday dinner at home. The boy & I got her a longchamp bag & mango cake from Jack's Place. Btw, Jack's Place Mango cake is quite nice, the mango taste is not too overpowering and the cake is soft enough and wont make u choke with diabetics. I like this salty egg crab that auntie bought but the boy and his dad arent fans of this. Not bad what..

Anyway, I am v thankful for the boy's mum's kindness towards me. She always cooks many delicious fares when I am ard and even made me bring food back. even taught me to cook with so much patience. One particular incident, I will always rem... Thank you auntie!

Friday, 24 February 2012

Vanity Trove- Feb

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Vanity Trove is an online beauty subscription, where you pay $25 monthly to receive samples of skincare & beauty products. I love the idea of not knowing what comes through the mail. Surprise!

Here's the box of goodies for Feb :) As Feb is the month of love, the team from Vanity Trove has filled the box with potpourri and rose petals. Smells really good when I opened the box!

 This is my fav item in the Feb Vanity Trove box- SkinC Eye Mask

 Next Fav, have been wanting to try Allerines Tea for a while. Yay, now's my chance. I received the Sakura & Bohemian Raspberry tea bags. Cant wait!

Mekhala Black Rice Shampoo & Conditioner..ohh sounds so organic. and this is what it says to do from the website. ( Ok shall pack it along for my next gym outing and give it a try.

•  100% natural
•  Replenishes moisture deep within the hair shaft
•  Protects hair from damage by oxidation
•  Free of parabens, sulphates, added chemicals, artificial preservatives and fragrances that can cause irritation and adverse long-term effects
•  Gentle on eyes

 OPI nail polish from the Nicki Minaj Collection. I think Juju will be more excited to receive this than me.

Various vouchers... Accessories. Oh the cool thing is I can actually email them to exchange for another accessory if I do not like this.

Filty Farngirl handmade soup. this is my least fav item of all which explains why I put it last haha

I heard Mar Trove is about whitening, and thats my kind of thing =)

Monday, 20 February 2012

Will love more weekends like this

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I had such a busy & fun weekend! though currently it's weekend for me everyday... went yoga on fri & sat, running on sat & cycling on ECP. Also squeezed in some time to do a detox massage @ Rustic Nirvana. I think I have found the masseur that I will be returning to. Helen @ Rustic Nirvina has terrific skills and her pressures is just right for me. very importantly, she doesn't chat incessantly throughout the massage ;p

Besides that, I had a catch up with my gal friends, cooked brekkie, ate my fav prawn mee & went for a dog show @ ECP. Also managed to visit baby emily who gave me a kiss on my lips this weekend! *Shy*

Christine's Bday celebrations
We were supposed to go out for dinner but the mum-to-be was having contractions but yet insisted to meet up with us, so we had a zi char dinner at her house. After we left, she went to hospital straight and spent 18hrs in the delivery room. Bravo!! Welcome baby travis to the world =D

The swarovski purple pen we got the bday girl

Sunday Brekkie
We whipped out a lil brunch =) Think not too bad, but note to self: be more generous on the salt for the eggs! and more milk for the eggs to make it more fluffy.

 So we had sauteed mushrooms, cheesy bacon eggs, honey baked ham, tomatoes & asparagus for breakfast.

Beach Road Prawn Mee
If you are a fan of prawn mee, pls rem to try this out. Prices are abit steep at $5.5 & $8.50 for the small and medium bowl respectively, but i assure you that it's worth every penny! The soup is really savoury and tasty, rich with goodness of the prawns. You know some yellow noodles taste abit bitter? You get none of this in your prawn mee as the noodles are soaked with the goodness of the prawn broth. And of cuz, the prawns are big, fresh and succulent.

Beach Road Prawn Noodle House
370 East Coast Road
8am-4pm daily

Closed on Tuesdays

NatGeo Channel Free Pet Shop @ ECP
This is a dog adoption drive where pet lovers can come forward to provide a better home for these lovely dogs.

 Look at how small the terrier is!

 Love this cute pair of maltese & shih tzu

 Look at her LONG tail, so cheeky looking! A few times when she was barking non-stop, i overheard her owner threatening to cut off her long tongue. faintz

 The chow chow which is quite the star

 And we took time to bike along ECP!

 This poodle is actually my fav dog tog with maltese.

 I think this is the hush puppy dog? haha

 Muacks, fav maltese!

This is Soooo cute...melts

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Vday 2012

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Yes, we celebrated Vday. Yes it's commercialised beyond words but we decide to go ahead with the celebrations since it's our first tim spending it tog.

I have asked the boy NOT to buy me flowers as flowers are overpriced on vday. When woman says no, I really mean no! Lol! Nevertheless. I was pleasantly surprised when the bouquet of beauties got delivered to my doorstep.

Posing a lil with the roes before heading out tee hee

The boy brought me to the jap restaurant where we had our 2nd date. Food was good and I was really really full after that. Peetures on the food later as they are in my camera.

 The sweet gave me a watch from Solvil Titus under the Tian Chang Di Jiu series.

I really like it as it spells chic and such a classic piece cant go wrong.

Everyday should b vday isnt it?

Monday, 13 February 2012

Wild wild wet

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E received free entrance tickets to wild wild wet from her company and so she invited me and the boy to spend a day of fun with her and her family.

It is a heaven for kids, weather was great and baby emily had lots of fun!

She loved the slides! Made the boy bring her up 4x hehe

High-5 after the slide down

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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Food Galore!

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Tatsuya japanese restaurant @ goodwood park. lunch time treat with jeremy. The sashimi r so fresh! To die for :)

Antoinette @ mandarin gallery with the babes. Have been wanting to try this for a long time but have always been put off by the endless queue. Finally got to try it when we joined the dinner crowd a lil earlier at 630. Ok guess its overhyped- form over substance

Adjourned to martinis n more girly chats @ bar at 5

4 course dinner @ The Tastings Room with juju. Juju got it via groupon @ $36. The scallops were tough like rubber :/ and we found the soup not hot enough! I quite enjoyed the squid ink pasta n creme brulee though.

Ambience can be improved and the saving grace was the white wine (which is not part of the groupon tix we bought)

Chillies crab @ Ban leong wah hoe coffee shop with thomas & eric. Thomas had craving for crabs n eric claimed that the coffee shop at upper thomson road served the best chillies crab. Ta da..Kinda small hor..if u dont like your crabs to be too spicy, this is the place for u.

Wine at railway mall. Thanks eric for the crab treat n thomas for the wine treat! Qt an easy red to drink, not too dry as it is from south africa.

Basil inn @ downtown east with the boy. I have heard so many great reviews about this so i was a happy girl when i finally got to satisfy my taste buds. U will like it if you r a thai food fan.

So deadly n spicy. I must always order this when i have thai food.

Words cant describe how much i love thai omelette n this is so crispy n done to perfection.

Basil chicken which is his fav

And i need my vege with garlic!

The price is reasonable too, 4 dishes with drinks at only $26. Contended!

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