Sunday, 29 January 2012

Lao bang tao huay

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This is my current love!

This is different from your average tao huay, as it is more custard like with a tinge of almond taste. Oh did i mention that the texture is extremely smooth as well? If you do not hAve a sweet tooth, do not worry as this is not the type of sickening sweet dessert.

There's always a long q for it & the majority of people queuing for it are young adults. I guess thats the power of social media for you as i have seen so much raves about it on fb.

I was introduced to this wonderful dessert by my ex boss who drove us to old airport road for lunch one day. While others were raving about rocher beancurd, i was like ok lor. But lao bang tao huay is really a treat to my tastebuds & i found myself craving for it a lil too often. Now even my parents r a fan of this.

Anyway He kindly helped to queue for the lao bang tao huay and we bought it to my fren's place for cny gathering. He attracted many curious stares with 20 boxes of beancurd in hand lol!

My ootd- love bonito rowlins romper in xs. Aye, xs is abit tight for me at the bust area. :( cant eat too much! Hmm n the flower is really abit too big, my fren commented it looks bigger than my face haha. But i think its still quite a statement piece.

That's me on the way up to my uni fren's lovely house at kovan.

Great view from the balcony!

The gentle lao yu sheng grp. Hehe with 10 of us, this is the lil mess we had.

Next.. Went to the west for my jc grp gathering! Quite a nice potluck

Second round of lao yu sheng!

Aye fgt to take pics of the mess we caused. There was even sesame on my hair! Someone said bu bu gao sheng n his chopsticks were knocked off his hands by some violent person hehe

Dinner was followed by some wii fun! Almost died laughing.

Cny shd be full 15 days!

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Friday, 27 January 2012

Homemade brunch

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Now that i have so much free time on hand, i can do the things that i have always wanted to do in the past but didnt have enough time to do.. Such as cooking brunch with my fav food sauteed mushrooms, hearty eggs & tomato!

Sauteed mushroom is really easy to make!
- boil the mushrooms in hot water & wait till it is soft
- melt butter in a frying pan
- add the chopped mushrooms to the melted butter
- stir fry mushrooms till golden brown
- sprinkle with pepper

For the egg, i added milk & cheese to it. Like fluffy eggs :)

& i complete the meal with a cup of freshly brewed nespresso coffee

Hope to have more fun in the kitchen!

N a beautiful lil bird is building its nest at our balcony! I have caught glimpse of its yellow & green body but it's so hard to capture a good picture of it! Its chirping away as i typed this.

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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Abalone porridge

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I decide to have some fun in the kitchen today & cooked some abalone porridge :)

Ingredients needed...

Abalone of course! You can choose to cut the abalone more thinly so that it does not feel like rubber. Personally i prefer it slightly bigger & more chewy.

Dried scallops for taste. I put the scallops in as the first item to be cooked with the porridge.

Minced pork for more taste. Marinate it with light soy sauce & pepper. I put it in the porridge only when the porridge is almost cooked.

Let the porridge simmer with the dried scallops & minced pork.

Put the abalone in at the very end but do not leave it over the fire for too long, else it will feel like rubber!

And the end result!

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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Princess on cny day 2

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Ok i may be biased, but i have nv seen such a kewt pie before. Not only does she look so sweet & adorable, shes damn smart as well. Trust me, her outgoing personality will melt any heart made of steel. God must have spent some extra time on her ❤

Am i cute or am i cute?

She's intrigued by the iphone camera!

Hur hur just munching on my fav fruits

Do you want some of the banana? Yikes haha

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Cny day 2

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Just accompanied my parents to the temple at toa payoh. As i am too early for my next visit to E house (while my parents are headed towards uncle leong's house), i am now lunching alone at Ajisen Ramen.

A peek into my day 2 outfit! Love Bonito Taia Kate dress in burnt orange. Decide to go beltless :)

really wish the dress is made abit longer at the back so that i dont have a nagging fear that i am showing my butt to the whole world :/

Going to see my princess again!

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Monday, 23 January 2012

Cny outfit

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My ootd for cny day 1 :)

- forest green dress from far east
- $5 belt from far east
- loewe bag
- glitsy heels from gripz

Happy dragon year to all!

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Sunday, 22 January 2012

All ready for cny

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Cny got to be my fav festival. I m all ready for it!

Cute right.. OG was having a 20% discount, so the bedsheet set at 300 threadcount & comforter cost about $100. & he specially came down to help me carry this home :)

My dad lil decoration

Reunion dinner! We had the steamboat & peng cai. This yr, i order the peng cai from east ocean restaurant at $228 & it came with nian gao.

New year bodes new beginnings. Time to use the new wallet & card holder :)

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Long week

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It has been a long & shocking week. More on that later.. Makes me appreciate the simple joys in life more!

This lovely sight greeted me early in the morning.

Somehow this maltese refused to move from the dustbin, marking his territory fiercely. A stubborn furball, was such a funny sight!

Dinner @ the Tan's. The herbal chicken soup & salmon is really yummy! He claims his mum cooks more dishes when i am around. Yeah indeed i m qt blessed to be able to taste his mum culinary skills. The salmon is really easy to make, i may try it out one day!

After dinner we headed to E new house at tampines. Happy for her that she has her own house now. E asked me to look after emily while she unpacks. Play with darling emily? No prob at all!

I bought emily a hello kitty hot pink tshirt as the princess is also a fan of the mouthless cat.

The darling loves it. After her mum takes off the tshirt for her, she put it back agAin. Amused me to no end.

Goodnight world!

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